Heating and ventilation Illustration below

Arena interior can be kept cozily warm also at freezing temperatures reaching -25°C. Heating is provided by 185 kW diesel-electric heaters, placed outside the end wall of the arena. Up to four heaters are used simultaneously. Our modern Thermobile heaters make minimal noise and guarantee zero fumes emission to the interior. Heating distribution and ventilation is solved with special fabric duct system, consisting of white fabric tubes  connected to the heaters. The heaters can also be used to circulate air without heating. Additionally, electric heat curtains are available for doors.

Walkways Illustration below

Walkways enable arena to be connected with another building or temporary structure and create a covered entrance for the structure. Similar to the pavillion itself, walkways have curved roof and dark walls. The size of a single walkway module is 3×3 meters, side wall height 2,4 meters and center height 3 meters.

Audio-visual equipment and furniture Illustration below

As a leading event technical production company, RGB can provide top quality video-, audio and lighting solutions, stages and power distribution equipment for your event. In cooperation with our partners furniture, exhibition equipment and decorational elements are available.

Restrooms Illustration below

Spacious restrooms can be built inside the arena, with their interior quality being equal to permanent facilities. Women’s restroom has five cabins and fi ve sinks, mens area is  equipped with two cabins, two urinals and four sinks. All taps have warm water from builtin water heaters. There is even backround music option available. Such restroom solution requires central water and waste connection availability. Alternatively, we offer stand-alone restroom solutions for inside or outside the arena.

Emergency features Illustration below

RGB Arena has emergency lighting for the occasion of power loss. All doors are equipped with evacuation exit signs. Manual doors have panic levers, which allow evacuation when the doors are locked for outside access. For fire safety and compliance with regulations, RGB Arena is equipped with powder fire extinguishers.

Backdrop curtains

Special backdrop curtains are available for end-sides of RGB Arena. They follow the curved path of arena roof, thus giving a neutral setting for the stage. Backdrops are also  available for the side walls, with semi-transparent backdrop option for the glass walls. All draperies are made of special non-fl ammable fabric and comply with international fire safety regulations.
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