RGB Arena is a unique structure that provides ideal venue for conferences, exhibitions, receptions, corporate, media and music events.

The pavillion has curved roof and stylish glass-isopanel facade, which make the structure look more like a permanent building. Arena can be equipped with floor, ventilation, heating solutions and walkways.

With homebase in Tallinn, Estonia, the structure is available for rent for events across Europe.


The 30 metre-wide main frames of arena are built from modular aluminum beams, which are erected at three metre interval. One metre high and three metre wide glass and isopanel facade modules attach to the main structure. There are equal amount of glass and isopanel modules, so usually one shorter and one longer wall are covered with similar facade panels. The height of side walls is 4,2 metres and the center 8,6 metres. Roof and gable triangles have white PVC covers.

RGB Arena has been specially designed to be safe to use also in nordic climate. Its roof has 18 degrees angle which helps to reduce snow accumulation.  Small spacing of the main frames provides additional snow loading capability.


Arena has one automatic and three manual two-sided glass doors. Similar to the facade, door frames are dark gray. Manual doors can be placed at any location except the position of tension cables. Doors are equipped with shutters and evacuation locks. The automatic door fi ts on the side of the structure at any location, except the corners and the position of tension cables.


The fl oor modules are built from waterproof plywood that are strenghtened with metal spars and attach to the main floor beams. According to the preference, fl oor can be coated with carpet or left uncovered – its sleek and even also without being covered. As the floor modules have additional metal spars to increase their strenght. The allowed maximum load is 500 kg per square metre.

Size options

The width of the structure is 30 meters. As its length builds up from a number of frames, it can be erected in various sizes between 30×15 m (450 square meters) and 30×39 m (1170 square meters).

RGB Arena brochures in pdf format:

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